R. Scot Johns

Saga of Beowulf

Saga of Beowulf

An epic fantasy adventure 1500 years in the making has arrived on book shelves everywhere! This author has begun the journey that is The Saga of Beowulf, and is totally in love with the great offering. Mr. Johns book weaves a fabulous tale, uses the entire gamut of language, and entertains all at the same time~! I hope you will join me when Mr. Johns visits Introducing WRITERS! Radio Show. It promises to be utter fun!

R. Scot Johns is a life-long student of ancient and medieval literature, with an enduring fascination for Norse mythology and fantasy epics. He first came to Beowulf through his love of J.R.R. Tolkien, a leadingscholar on the subject. He lives in Boise, Idaho and works for Books Are Fun, a division of Readers Digest.



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2 responses to “R. Scot Johns

  1. Man, I am seeing this book all over the place. Must be a sign of a must read.

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