Introducing Desiree Holt

by Desiree Holt

by Desiree Holt

All her life Desiree Holt dreamed of faraway places and unbelievably sexy men. From baseball players to rock musicians to television personalities she met them all and each one enriched her life. Now tucked away in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, her own personal hero, she shares her fantasies with her readers. In her satin robe, with her scented candle burning and a chilled glass of wine at hand, she lets her mind run wild — and hopes you’ll take the journey with her. When she’s not writing or reliving her fantasies with her hero, she reads and indulges in her other passion — watching football.

1. Tell us about yourself. Please share a short bio with us.

I began writing romance novels five years ago and was fortunate enough to sell after only 18 months. It’s been nonstop since then. My hunky cowboy is very supportive of my writing and even helps with the male dialogue and the titles.

2. Tell us about your book and where it can be found.

A cryptic message from her brother leaves Rina Devargas with a secret and no one to trust…
Carrying the fate of a nation in a locket next to her heart, Rina’s life is turned upside down as her brother’s partner, McCall, moves into her home under the guise of keeping her safe. Though she surrenders her body to his dark desires, someone betrayed John, and until McCall gives her a sign, Rina can’t be certain that someone isn’t him.
Assigned to protect her, Connor McCall must gain Rina’s confidence the only way he knows how…
Having once shared a night of forbidden pleasure, McCall reawakens her submissive appetite for dominance. However, keeping his mind on the job and his hands off Rina proves difficult–remaining aloof from his feelings for her, even more so. He’s been down that road and paid a handsome price for it—the life of a fellow agent.
With an assassination plot brewing and killers after Rina, will McCall gain her trust before it’s too late? Or will their dangerous desires ultimately destroy them all?

I love

    Do You Trust Me

. It started out life with one face and ended another, and as I rewrote it I fell more and more in love with it. I love the mystery and suspense but especially the heated chemistry between Rina and McCall, the ultimate alpha male. As the suspense heats up, so does the sex, to a combustible point for both of them. I actually keep it on my night stand to reread parts of it.

The book is available at http://www.thewildrosepress,com, http://www.barnes&

3. What age did you discover writing? What is your earliest work about?

I always loved to write because I loved to make up stories. Unfortunately I had to put my writing career on hold until I retired but since then it’s been nonstop. I began writing sensual romantic suspense, then branched out into erotic romantic suspense, and now I write erotic romance in all genres. Mostly I like to help people understand that exploring your sexuality can be fun and rewarding and is an intricate link in forming lasting relationships.

4. Who has inspired you as an author?

Oh, lordy! So many people! Joey Hill, Shiloh Walker, Toni Blake, Linda Howard, Karen Rose, Rhyannon Byrd, and many, many others

5. What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?

I had a lot of people tell me that they saw themselves in Teaching Molly, an older woman/younger man story about a woman’s emerging sexuality and self-discovery. They all said I drew the character of Molly as someone every woman could identify with.
Oh, and then, there was the woman who asked me if I had done everything I’d written about. (No comment!)

6. Do you have a specific time or place that you write?

I have an entire workspace set up in my great room where no one bothers me. I usually write every afternoon for five hours.

7. What’s next for you?

I’m working on Book 3 in The Sentinels, a shapeshifter series for total-e-bound, a western anthology for Ellora’s Cave with two other authors, a full-length now in edits with The Wild Rose Press, and a full-length for Ellora’s Cave which is about half done. And that’s just for starters!!!!

Tell everyone they can find me at and


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