Brian Sandell


Marvin Simon is the unfortunate recipient of terrible misfortune. He lost his job, his wife, his parents, and now he is forced to raise his small son all alone. One night his misfortune is about to change. He is met by a mysterious guest who offers him a lifetime of happiness, and for a period of time everything his heart desires. This is a wager Marvin cannot refuse; all he has to do is give up his only son in return. Join Marvin in an incredible journey that leads from the utter pit of despair to the top realm of happiness. Many questions arise; does this mysterious stranger want more than Marvin’s son? Unlock Marvin’s story as it takes you into the depths of the human heart. The betrayal, the innocence, the lies, the murder, and ultimately the wager truly allow Marvin Simon to see what happiness is all about.

I am proud to announce this fine Christian thriller author has chosen Introducing WRITERS! radio show to promote his latest work, The Wager.

Brian will be on the show on May 20, 2009 at our regularly scheduled time, 730 pm CST.

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