Meet Betty Ann Harris


About the Author:

From my home in southeastern Pennsylvania, I can look out at the scenic rolling hills, watch hawks soar above, or see a family of deer run back to their wooded safe haven. It’s an ideal place to live and work, and to be inspired. It is from this beautiful place that I write my stories of romance.

I have been a self-admitted hopeless romantic ever since I can remember. My love of words and the English language was developed in elementary school when I had the good fortune of having an awesome sixth grade English teacher. She had the class do a visual book report, either finding or drawing pictures with written captions, to explain what the book we had read was about. It’s then I realized how important a writer’s description of characters and scenery is when telling a story.

My first published written works were poems, two of which won places as entries as contest winners. One was a poem I wrote after the tragic death of Princess Diana. The other was a lighter theme, a poem about the moon, titled, The Moon Is A Silver Slipper.

I had always enjoyed reading Nancy Drew mysteries when I was a teen, and then became intrigued by a good spy story, like James Bond. As I became a young adult, romance novels would just take me away, to a place I would fantasize about. I combined the two genres, romance and suspense, and my first novella, Eureka Point, was written. It’s a spellbinding tale of deceit, danger, love and romance. Eureka Point is available at Red Rose Publishing.

As I had thoroughly enjoyed writing that type of spellbinding romantic suspense, I dove right into writing the second book in my Special Agent Series titled, My Very Special Agent, which is also available at Red Rose Publishing. The third book in the series, The Darkhorse Conspiracy, was released on July 9th. The fourth book in the series, Agent of Mercy, will be released in early 2010.

A third story, Storm At Midnight, will be my third published work. It’s a sweet southern romance story in which the main character, Erin, is venturing on a new vocation. She has just purchased and is renovating a romantic and historic inn, which she will open as a bed and breakfast, with the help of her ruggedly handsome assistant, Darien.

I’m also writing a sequel to Eureka Point, that has turned into a major undertaking, but a lot of fun. I’m basing the characters on people I know personally. And also on the burners is a comedic romance about quirky librarian, Prudence (Prudy) Trivet, who inherits her dear aunt’s estate and family business. She is thrown into an unsavory situation, and falls in love with an unlikely man with whom she develops a love-hate relationship. Love wins out.

Writing is my passion and an important part of my life. But besides writing, I’m a happily married mother of two grown boys and two adorable dogs. I enjoy reading, music, gardening, and interior decorating.

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About the Book:

Stephanie Alexander is an international journalist who is missing, and under suspicious circumstances. The beautiful blue-eyed blond and ex-fiance of Simon Fox, owner of The Darkhorse Stables, who raises Kentucky Derby winning thoroughbreds, has vanished. James must find her, if she’s still alive, and finds himself smack-dab in the middle of a terroristic conspiracy that is a threat to the security of the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. Will he find her in time? Can they work together to find the answers they need so that the State Department can defray The Darkhorse Conspiracy? You can find out all the answers to these questions when you read, The Darkhorse Conspiracy, available NOW at Red Rose Publishing.

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The Darkhorse Conspiracy


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  1. Betty Ann – enjoyed your post and, as usual, I’m awed by your productivity and creativity! I have My Very Special Agent & looking forward to reading it.

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