Meet Carol Sue Gershman

by Carol Sue GershmanWho Needs An Agent Or A Publisher?

73 Year Old First-Time Author Self-Promotes Memoirs to a Roaring Success

For Immediate Release (Miami, Florida – August 2009) 73 years young Carol Sue Gershman opted not to wait around to find a publisher or agent. She bravely self-published her memoir and hit the road. Through herown efforts and putting 4500 racy miles on her hot, yellow mustang convertible, she has signed in more than 25 national locations.

When she decided to reenact the places she wrote about in her memoir; road-tripping along the same route, she spontaneously called Barnes and Noble, Borders and independent book stores along the way and interested them in her story. Much to her surprise she secured bookings.

“I had a story to tell, and at my age, I wasn’t’ going to wait around to see if any professional agent agreed with me. I picked up the phone, and booked myself. I have always been a believer in following ones dreams and not taking ‘no’ for an answer.”

The highlight was Washington, D. C. Omar Berry, store manager of Borders placed a banner covering an entire window of her in the heart of downtown Washington. “Now that was a thrill,” she said.

Now taking a break and residing in Sag Harbor, N. Y., she gives formal book talks. She tells her audience that they can live agelessly and passionately too. She says by discovering your passion and by paying no attention to your age, you can follow your dreams – sans the expiration date. Keep yourself in good health and follow your spirit!

Says Gershman, “you would be at how much you have inside of you that needs to be discovered. There is so much more to come.” She says a new world where good things happen every day. “Just think, if I had waited for an agent or publisher none of this would have happened. I might still be waiting to be chosen, and if my book was published, it would have taken another one or two years to hit the shelf.”

Would she turn down a publishers offer? She’s not sure. “You know those contracts…” There is a new self publishing world out there. When I run out of states, I might consider driving around Europe and Australia? Why not?

About Carol

Constantly reinventing herself, Carol Sue Gershman attended the Miami Dade College memoir class and decided that she would turn her two and a half page “Adventure in Love Story” into a book. Never having written before, it was passion that drove her each day to write.

After spending 25 years in New York City, she was one of the first to arrive into the new phenomenon of Miami Beach (South Beach) She is presently writing her next book while working on laws to ban
smoking in residential buildings.

Now at 73 she will take her completed book back on the road re-living the cities and states visited on the road trip. You might just see her driving her hot yellow mustang convertible packed with books, hats and what it takes for life on the road.

You can visit her website by clicking here: Carol’s Site


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One response to “Meet Carol Sue Gershman

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for allowing me to visit your site. So many women enjoy it and hope I have been helpful.

    Perhaps your readers would enjoy giving a copy of my book to a friend or of course to themselves. My motto is:
    50 is fabulous, sixty is sensational and 70 sizzles

    I would love to send a signed copy.

    All the best to all.
    Carol Sue Gershman

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