Interview with Tabitha Shay


1. Tell us about yourself.

I’m the author of paranormal romances, Witch’s Brew, Witch’s Heart, Witch‘s Moon, and Witch’s Magic.

I’ve been a member of the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc., for four years. My books have been nominated for several awards, including the prestigious P.E.A.R.L. Award for Witch’s Moon that was nominated for Best All Around Paranormal in 2008.

Available now: Witch’s Fire: Moongypsy Press

All current releases available in print at

Print or E-format:
E-format: Fictionwise, Barnes and noble or
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2. Tell us about your book and where it can be found.

In a world where magic is dying―two people meet under unusual circumstances…
Realm of light―New to this witchy stuff, Kirrah Walker crashes her broom into a stranger and knocks him unconscious. Feeling guilty, she takes him home with her and nurses him back to health. However, she soon discovers a terrible secret―the stranger is on a mission to assassinate a witch. Now Kirrah must decide if she’ll set him free or keep him tied to the headboard of her bed…
World of darkness―Prince Stry, future King of Ru-Noc awakens to find he’s not only a captive, but captivated by the charming witch who flutters around him like a nervous butterfly. Her magick is wild and so out of control, he knows in his heart he should steal her soul, but kissing Kirrah is habit-forming.
Kirrah and Stry―magical beings who must face the fear of their past, acknowledge their future and trust in destiny in a world gone mad…

3. What age did you discover writing?
I was fifteen when the creative urge to write a book struck me…I have no clue where this sudden desire to write a novel came from and I had no idea what I was doing. (Laughs) But I put the words to paper and my first book in a very rough draft was born. What is your earliest work about? Oh, even back in those early days, I loved the western setting. Although today I prefer the contemporary western romance, back then, it was a real western, but still a romance titled The Guns of Big Red. Actually, series I’m working on now, the Angels of Deadwood Gulch is based on the original works of my first novel.

4. Who has inspired you as an author?
Linda Howard, Christine Feehan, and Elizabeth Lowell. I think I’ve read just about everything these ladies have written.

5. What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?
Oh, this is a good one…The most interesting question I’m asked about my books is: Where do you come up with your love scenes, are they based on the sexual relationship you have with your husband?…My answer?…I’m not telling…(Giggles)

6. Do you have a specific time or place that you write?
I like to write in the early hours of morning when the creative juices are flowing and it’s all quiet and peaceful. The phone hasn’t started to ring and the dogs aren’t waiting to be let outside every five minutes…Laughs.

7. What’s next for you?
I have a couple of new series in the works…As I mentioned, the Angels of Deadwood Gulch series and I have a brand new paranormal romance series, The Gray Mortuary series I’m just getting into. Plus, my agent is beating on the doors of some NY publishing houses. Wish me luck with this venture…And don’t forget, I also write contemporary western romances under the pen name, Jaydyn Chelcee. Those books can be found in print at Amazon and in E-format at Fictionwise and Barnes and Noble.



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4 responses to “Interview with Tabitha Shay

  1. Okay, that does it. I’m no longer sending you money to show me as someone who has inspired you. *lol*

    Great interview, Tab, and thanks to Kim for hosting you. As always, all I can do is drop by and encourage everyone to read your work and experience the delight for themselves. Whether it be witches or cowboys…goosebumps and giggles is what you’re in for.

    • Oh, Gosh, Miz Ging,
      You’re an inspiration in a category all to itself….you are my idol….and ur always at the top of my list as a terrific author, a friend and inspiration…ok, enough said….did I overkill???….lol…actually, it’s all true and TY for coming by….Tabs

  2. Can’t wait for Gray Mortuary! Great interview, Tabs!

    • Thanks for dropping by, Cindy,
      Oooh, I can’t wait to really sink my teeth into writing the Gray Mortuary series, either….Just wait until you get a load of the titles and taglines for the six books in the works…of course, I’m holding those all back for awhile yet, but soon…I’ll be telling all about this wacky, fun series….Tabs

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