Helicopter Tours in the air over Grand Canyon

The new tourist attraction allows all the sights to be seen from above. From the air are fabulous views of the Grand Canyon surroundings. The walk takes about 2 hours and the route can be customized

The flights are 5 Native American helicopter “Enstrom 480 C”, which has two engines of the “Rolls Royce”. Since the new attraction now enjoy the first tourists. Interest in it is great, but the experience is indescribable. The flight is completely safe and does not require specialized training. While it is permissible to even include mobile phone and talk to them, explain American pilots of aircraft. Helicopter rides extremely soft and comfortable. It is designed to eliminate vibration and can land on slopes up to 15 degrees, explain pilots. Those wishing to ride may determine and exactly where to land. The helicopter flew at an altitude of 3900 meters, the maximum speed is 230 km, and the machine can remain airborne targets 4, 5 hours.


Price varies for each panoramic helicopter tour. “Fortuna Air” is the aviation company of Peter Stupelhead. There she supports facilities and hangars for servicing airplanes and helicopters, ground equipment and specialized vehicles.

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