Let’s hike the Grand Canyon by John Wesley Powells

A little over a year ago, Shawn and Marie sent me an email requesting information on hiking to Phantom Ranch from the South Rim and back. This contact was the beginning of a friendship and adventure we will never forget.
Shawn and Marie went on their hike in May of 2009. Soon after their celebration was over, I received another email from them…would I be interested in rafting the Colorado River? Ofcourse! Judi and Marc set about finding the perfect company for bookings. It was sometime in July 2011, that we made our reservations with GRAND CANYON EXPEDITIONS.

By the time the trip would start we would be a party of nine. It seemed to take forever for our eight days and seven nights on the river to become a reality, but all of a sudden, there we were…meeting in Las Vegas and on to Lee’s Ferry for the ride of our lives.

Since the summer of 1988, I’ve logged almost 200 foot miles in Grand Canyon. Most of these miles were on the South Kaibab Trail and Bright Angel Trail going to and from Phantom Ranch. Other trails I have hiked are the Grandview Trail, Hermit Trail to Dripping Springs, part of the Clear Creek Trail and the North Kaibab Trail to Ribbon Falls. A couple of summers ago, we hiked the Uncle Jim Trail on the North Rim. Put on your boots, hat and day pack…turn the page, and I’ll take you with me on these trails.

From the South Kaibab Trail in Grand Canyon National Park you can see the Colorado River and Bright Angel Campground. My destination? Phantom Ranch which is just beyond the campground. Come along with me as I take you down the South Kaibab Trail from boarding the shuttle at Bright Angel Lodge to checking in at the Phantom Ranch canteen.

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