Hollywood Under the Covers by Brandie Knight

Hollywood Under the Covers by Brandie Knight

A powerful talent agent, the Mistress of Romance, an international superstar, a sexy movie star, and Hollywood’s biggest and best-kept secret breeds a scandalous world of betrayal.

Hollywood Under the Covers is a rare look inside the seductive entertainment industry. To the outside world, Hollywood is portrayed with glamour, riches and fame—but to insiders, it’s a cold, dark, scandalous place, where survival is not about basic instinct but the people you’re sleeping with. The book exposes the erotic side of four Hollywood moneymakers, openly revealing how nothing is safe in the hands of greed.

Hollywood Under the Covers is an intriguing world of sex, drugs, scandals, and the downside of fame. Loosely based on actual events, this fictional story takes the reader on a fast paced, head-spinning journey into a world so strange it could only be based in truth.

Q: Tell us About Your Book:
Hollywood Under the Covers is a rare look inside the seductive entertainment industry. To the outside world, Hollywood is portrayed with glamour, riches and fame—but to insiders, it’s a cold, dark, scandalous place, where survival is not about basic instinct but the people you’re sleeping with. The book exposes the erotic side of four Hollywood moneymakers, openly revealing how nothing is safe in the hands of greed. A powerful talent agent, the Mistress of Romance, an international superstar, a sexy movie star, and Hollywood’s biggest and best-kept secret breeds a scandalous world of betrayal.
Q: Tell us a little about yourself:
As a teenager, my goal was to become a Hollywood insider to one day write about the celebrity-obsessed culture. For over twenty years, I have been in the entertainment industry documenting the fascinating behavior of high profile people and celebrities in their natural habitats. The time has come to share my adventures with the world.
Q: Who has inspired you as an author?
Jackie Collins and Harold Robbins have inspired me. Both are known as great Hollywood storytellers.
Q: What age did you discover writing? What is your earliest work about?
I was eight-years-old when I wrote my first short story entitled, Oklahoma Tornado. The adventurous story was about a brave, young girl caught in a tornado. She leaves the safety of the cellar to recue her dog. I wrote the story in the cellar at my grandparent’s house while tornados were touching down around us.
Q: What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your book?
I have received a lot of positive feedback from readers, but the one comment that I found most interesting was from a book reviewer on Amazon. Part of the review reads, “As a huge Jackie Collins fan, I have to say that discovering a new author that can hold her own in Jackie’s world is a first.” I read the comment in disbelief and felt like I was reading about another author.
Q: Do you have a specific time or place for writing?
I don’t have a specific time for writing. When my writing zone kicks in, I will put everything else on hold to focus on writing. During my creative writing, I have to be in an inspirational settings like by the ocean, waterfalls, or mountains. During the technical writing, I write in my home office.
Q: What is next for you?
I am currently working on the sequel to Hollywood Under the Covers. I originally planned to write a different Hollywood story for my next novel, but I have received an overwhelming number of requests for the sequel. I’m thrilled that the readers want the story to continue and excited to write the sequel.

After twenty years in the entertainment industry, Brandie Knight is writing about her encounters in a fictional environment in Hollywood Under the Covers. Over the years, Knight has created and produced a television pilot, two radio shows, and an entertainment magazine. She is the co-producer of the award-winning documentary a/k/a Tommy Chong, and a former entertainment publicist. Knight splits her time between Las Vegas, NV, Taos, NM, and her hometown of Ponca City, OK. Visit her sites at http://www.brandieknight.com, http://www.facebook.com/brandie.knight, and http://twitter.com/brandieknight1.


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Guest blogger, Hank Quense

Today’s guest is Hank Quense an American author of humorous and satiric fantasy and scifi stories. We’ll be discussing his collection of twenty short stories called Tunnel Vision.

Tell us briefly about yourself.
I was born in the last century and I’m still here. Nothing else to report.

What have you had published?
I have over three dozen short stories and a few fiction writing articles that have been published. I also have a novel called Fool’s Gold in print and ebook editions and an ebook on fiction writing called Build a Better Story.

About Tunnel Vision: what’s the hook?
Live longer. Laughter is good for your health. Read this book and you may live longer.
So what’s in it for the buyer? Unusual characters, settings both strange and familiar, and bizarre plots are a few of the things you’ll experience and enjoy.
Aren’t you tired of reading scifi and fantasy stories that take themselves too seriously? Well, you won’t find any stories like that here. It doesn’t take anything serious. Politicians, Shakespeare, Lord of the Rings, the military, aliens, the undead, they all get cut down a notch or two.

What’s your favorite story in Tunnel Vision?
I think it’s MacBeth the Sequel. If you remember the Shakespeare play, he had three walk-ons who were witches. They showed up occasionally and made obscure predictions. They didn’t even have names; they were Witch 1, Witch 2 and Witch 3 in the script although they were known collectively as the Wryd Sisters.
Well, they’re no longer walk-ons. Now they are stars. They even have first names. They are middle-aged, obese, ugly and virginal. The Laird of the Loch has threatened to kill their pet, Nessie (Yeah, that’s right; their pet is the Loch Ness Monster). They hasten to the loch to stop the laird who is also the inventor of golf and golf tournaments. While they try to stop the nefarious laird, they also hope to meet a few lusty yeomen who will be willing to harvest their hymens.

Who is your favorite character in this collection?
Zaftig the Magnificent. He’s an alien from Zaftan 31B. I love writing about Zaftans. They make such wonderful villains. They are seven-foot tall, weigh over four hundred pounds, have eight tentacles and resemble giant squids. All Zaftans consider treachery and assassination to be social skills. They always list successful acts of treachery and murder on their resumes.

Do these stories have a message or a common theme?
All the stories are about characters who have tunnel vision. We all have it to some degree, but my characters have it to an extraordinary degree. This overabundance of tunnel vision generates much of the humor as my characters react in surprising ways.

What’s Fool’s Gold about?
It’s a retelling of the ancient myth about the Rhinegold. My version takes place in the future rather than in the Dark ages. I also replace fantasy creatures with two different races of aliens. A Ring of Power? Forrrgetttaboutit. Now it’s a Chip of Power.

And Build a Better Story?
In this book, I describe a process to put together a story. It’s based on my own writing experiences and on critiquing hundreds of stories. I think it will be a great resource for inexperienced writers.

What do reviewers or readers say about the collection?
Heres a review from the Readers Favorite web site: “Tunnel Vision is a collection of short stories with a science fiction theme. The stories, all previously published, have bizarre characters including: witches, the Loch Ness Monster, dwarves and a dead baseball player.
The stories are quick reads and quite amusing. This is a refreshing change from more serious Sci Fi stories.”

Does reading your stories have any possible side-effects?
A. I’m glad you asked that because there are precautions that should be taken by readers. First, check with your doctor to determine if you are healthy enough to take part in spontaneous laughter. Second, if you are suffering from a contagious disease such as the flu, wear a mask to limit the spread of airborne germs when you laugh out loud. Finally, no one should read my stories while driving a car or operating heavy machinery.

How can folks learn more about you and your stories?
My website http://hankquense.com has a lot of stuff about me and my stories and my writing. My blog http://hankquense.com/blog has several new posts every week. I blog about my books, the characters I create, life in modern times, book reviews and even an occasional rant.
Here is a Youtube link to a trailer for the MacBeth: the Sequel. It’s one of the stories in the collection.

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Guest blogger, Pembroke Sinclair

Coming from Nowhere was originally conceived when I was a junior in high school, which was a long time ago. The main story has remained intact, but the book has gone through four MAJOR revisions. If you were to see the very first draft, you wouldn’t believe it turned into the final version. I was inspired by many different things, but mainly movies. The main ones were Star Wars (Episodes 4-6) and Blade Runner. It’s pretty evident how those two films shaped my book.

Like Star Wars and Blade Runner, my book focuses on the characters, mainly JD. Told in third person limited perspective, the reader learns about the world the characters live in through JD’s perspective. I chose to focus on her because she doesn’t understand her world. I have to build a new world on Mars and in the rest of the galaxy, one that the readers can understand. By using JD’s perspective, nothing is taken for granted. The reader learns, as she does, the different nuances of the places she goes and how to survive. She has the help of the other characters, but everything is fresh and new, just like it is to the readers.

One thing I strive to do in my books is to make my characters life-like. They have some characteristics that make them slightly above average, but they still have emotions and feelings. Even though JD is trained in a military academy, she still reacts to situations like a normal person: she gets angry and she even cries. She experiences love and loss and what it’s like to be betrayed. The other characters have flaws, too, and sometimes the line between the good and the bad is blurred. My hope is that readers will find a character they can relate to, which will make the book that much more enjoyable to read.

You can buy Coming from Nowhere on Amazon here, to learn more about me visit my website at http://www.pembrokesinclair.blogspot.com, Or you can visit my publicists website at http://www.heetr.com

Coming from Nowhere
by Pembroke Sinclair

I am a HUGE sci fi geek, but I also really enjoy fantasy and horror. I always figured all of my books would be either science fiction or fantasy, but I’ve found that I’ve been branching more and more into horror. I really enjoy horror, but I never thought I wrote it very well. After all, it takes a lot to scare me, so I don’t think my writing is very scary. Coming from Nowhere has dark undertones, but it isn’t a traditional horror novel. I don’t have monsters (in the mythical sense) popping out of dark places and devouring people, but I do have very evil bad guys who can be considered monsters. Coming from Nowhere is more psychological horror than in-your-face blood-and-gore horror. The following is a list of the things that I think make the book dark and even a little scary:

1) People are afraid of the unknown, and there is nothing more frightening than not knowing where you came from.

2) Sometimes the most dangerous thing in the galaxy is you, even if you don’t realize it.

3) Even the people you know the best and love can have some of the darkest secrets.

4) There will always be people who want power and authority over others, and they will do anything to get it.

5) There aren’t always happy endings.

Things I Learned while Writing Coming from Nowhere
by Pembroke Sinclair

Coming from Nowhere was originally conceived when I was a junior in high school. Between then and the time it finally was published, it went through four MAJOR revisions. It was the first book I’ve had published, but I am constantly working on short stories and another novel. Writing is a process that you can constantly learn from, but the first book seems to be the roughest road. The following are the things I learned while writing Coming from Nowhere:

1) Revisions are a never-ending process. Even when you think you’re done, you can always make more changes. Eventually, you just have to say enough is enough.

2) Even though it’s good to be influenced by outside sources, especially classics, don’t try to copy them in your work. There’s a reason they are classics, and rehashing them won’t do them justice. Let your own voice come out.

3) Not everyone is going to like what you write, but that shouldn’t stop you from writing it.

4) Most writers write for the reader, and if the reader doesn’t get what you’ve written, then you’ve failed.

5) Rejection is part of the writing process, and you’d better learn how to accept it if you’re going to make it.

6) You don’t have to like your characters, but you have to believe in them. If you don’t, your readers won’t either.

7) Making up names for other places in the galaxy is hard, and spell check hates them.

8) If the reader is surprised when they read the big twist in your book, you’ve done a good job.

9) Hearing from readers who have enjoyed my book can make even the worst day better.

10) I really enjoy writing and creating new worlds.

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Guest blogger, Jane Bierce

I went to a quilt show a few weeks ago to meet up with some friends from Georgia. One of them asked me if I had any new books out, so I mentioned CRICKET’S MOON.

“It’s set in an impoverished area of north Florida.” I told her. “Cricket knows the furniture store where she works can’t stay in business much longer. With her last folding cash, she buys a lottery ticket. On the way home, she notices a full moon coming up. She cleans out her wallet, opens it so the moon shines into it and says, ‘Moon, moon …’”

And when I got to there, all three of the women said, “Fill it up, fill it up, fill it up!” We all laughed. Every Southern young lady learns that chant.

Cricket Stafford won the lottery – more money than she could have dreamed of, but she’s ready for it. She has a degree in business, and she knows that the first thing to do is to find a good lawyer. Mark Batson is more than good. He’s young, handsome and ready to help her make the town of Hazlett a better place – even though it has a long way to go to get there.

The town doesn’t know much except hard times. All the changes in the last thirty years have led to poverty, unemployment, and a drift of talent and money to somewhere else. But Cricket finds some of her biggest obstacles in her own family – and in herself.

So what would you do if you knew you’d be given over ten million dollars a year for the next thirty years? What changes could you make in your community? Then ask yourself–would it really take that much money? Or would it just take changes in yourself and the people around you?

CRICKET’S MOON, published by Awe-Struck eBooks.

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Musical Marketing Muse by Sara Taney Humphreys

Soundtracks for movies and television shows are standard. In fact, a really great movie or show is often instantly associated with kick ass music. Well thanks to my old college buddy and DJ John Campbell…I found the soundtrack for Book 2 in my shifter series.

Actually, I had been in a major writing rut. Completely blocked. Book 2, Amoveo Heart was not coming to me as easily as the first book did. At any rate, John wanted to interview me on his weekly radio show and had gotten some musicians who were willing to let me use their music as an intro for the interview. He sent me the links and the second song I listened to stopped me dead in my tracks. I couldn’t believe it. It was as though this song was written just for the heroine in Book 2. Amazing! The combination of the lyrics and her hauntingly beautiful voice were absolute perfection. I immediately contacted the artist and asked if I could use her song for Amoveo Heart’s book trailer. Gratefully both she and her record label said yes!

Then I had an idea to take it a step further. Luckily, she is located not far from me and as a new musician is looking for new opportunities for exposure. Why not have her play at my book launch/signing? Gratefully she agreed. Amy played at a couple of my book signing events and it really brought a great bit of texture to the signings.

The song that sparked my creative juices and woke up my muse is called “Honey on the Skin”. You can find Amy Petty and her spectacular music on her website http://www.amypetty.com/

John connected me with another awesome musical muse. The Strike Nineteens. TSN are a band of adorable guys from Scotland. Ladies…think William Wallace/Braveheart accent….yummy. Their music is gritty and intense. These darlings actually wrote me two songs! One of which will be on their new album “Screams for Denver” which will be released this Spring. I look forward to checking them out LIVE when they come to the USA later this year.

You can check out their music at http://www.myspace.com/thestrikenineteens

Cross marketing with music is fun and a little outside the box…just the way I like it.

Sara Taney Humphreys


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Chat with Cindy Jacks


1. Tell us about yourself. Please share a short bio with us.

Prior to becoming a writer of romantic fiction, Cindy was a ‘jacks’ of all trades. Besides obtaining a BFA in sculpture, interning as a pastry-chef, and learning the art of furniture restoration, she worked for ten years in the corporate arena, but now happily spends her days as a full time author. Her first published work–“The Point of Distraction Series”–was inspired by a collection of short stories she wrote to entertain her best friend. Since then she’s explored her inner bad girl and penchant for love stories by producing books full of humor and packed with real emotion. When not chained to her laptop, she enjoys belly dancing, international cooking, and making jewelry. She and her family call the Washington, DC area home.

2. Tell us about your book and where it can be found.

All the Good Men is available in e-book, Kindle, and print May from Moongypsypress http://www.moongypsypress.com/jacks.php

Blurb: Dahlia is sure the hackneyed platitude is true: After a certain age, all the good men are married or gay. She feels her thirty-eight years put her well past that ‘certain age.’ Her best friend and her sisters dare her to put her fate where her mouth is. The terms of the challenge? During the month of October, she has to end her five-year-long man fast and go on dates with men of their choosing. Oh, and she also has to go out with anyone else who asks.

As the date disasters pile up, the vindication almost makes the torturous evenings bearable for Dahlia. But a handsome new neighbor, Jackson Carmichael, moves in, changing the rules of the game. Retired after twenty-six years as a pro firefighter in Boston, he volunteers with the local fire department, coaches a youth hockey team, and appears for all the world to be the perfect man. He just might throw a wrench into Dahlia’s plan to die lonely and single…that is if she doesn’t scare him away first.

3. What age did you discover writing? What is your earliest work about?

I’ve loved to write as long as I can remember. My earliest stories as kid were modeled around the Sweet Valley High series by Francine Pascal. Awful melodrama, really terrible, lol. As an adult, I love to write about interpersonal relationships. I still find a wealth of things to write about love and friendship.

4. Who has inspired you as an author?

My biggest supporters are my family. They’ve all given me so much encouragement to turn what once was a hobby into a profession. I’ve also had some wonderful professional mentors: Morgan Q. Reilly, Ericka Scott, Faith Bicknell-Brown, Emmy Ellis—my author soulmate—Kensana Darnell, and a fabulous cheering squad of author friends: Jambrea Jo Jones, Antonia Tiranth, and of course, now the Moongypsy Press family.

5. What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?

A reader once told me that she loved to lose herself in my stories, if only for a few hours. That really touched me because I want more, than anything else, for readers to derive real enjoyment from my work.

6. Do you have a specific time or place that you write?

I usually write in the living room on my laptop in the morning, when my son is at school and at night after he’s in bed, but really, I can write whenever, whereever. I’ve been known to take my author journal to the park and churn out a thousand words while my son is playing.

7. What’s next for you?

My next release, after All the Good Men, will be a suspense/thriller titled Clean writing as CJ Elliott. And I’m happy to announce I just signed a contract for a shifter romance tale title Hour of the Wolf.

Cindy’s links:
Cindy’s Website
Cindy’s blog
Cindy on Facebook


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Interview with Trent Kinsey


1. Tell us about yourself.

Well until close to two years ago, I was an active duty Marine who worked as a combat correspondent, public affairs chief and did a stint in marketing for Marine Corps recruiting. After close to twelve continuous years of service (both active and reserve), I left the ranks of the Corps to spend more time with my two children.

2. Tell us about your book and where it can be found.

My latest release is Ghosts of the Storm at Moongypsy Press.

Here’s a little of what it’s about.

When Bobby finds his neighbor, Joe, sitting out by the highway during the night a hurricane is making landfall, he is compelled to find out what is going on, because Joe always appears happy. Except tonight.

Bobby finds that Joe’s wife isn’t the love of his life, that the girl every man in McDavid, Florida, has wanted once was his lover. And that Joe blames himself for her death.

Even more concerning to Bobby is that Joe admits seeing the ghost of his lost love dancing in the median of Highway 49. And she wants him to join her.

3. What age did you discover writing? What is your earliest work about?

I remember wanting to start a novel at the age of thirteen, which is funny because I hated reading back then but something called to me. I had the idea of a meteor shower that pelted Earth, killing millions. But the remnants of the meteors contained some unknown life form, gaseous in nature yet would eat away flesh and bone in seconds.

4. Who has inspired you as an author?

My first inspiration was Stephen King. When I first started writing with the intent of actually being published, I was in Kuwait and read numerous novels. The majority of them were Stephen King.

Later I learned that one of my favorite horror influences, Clive Barker, actually wrote more works than had made into movies. So I began with Cabal and wanted more. Soon I found the one book that would be my favorite, Imajica, and to this day I have never read another that just entraps me as that did. It inspired me to write at a different level and to put so much more into my works.

5. What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?

Readers Favorite said my first short story, 10:15, reminded him of Ray Bradbury’s The Twilight Zone. And sense I grew up on Ray Bradbury, Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling, it came to me as a great compliment.

6. Do you have a specific time or place that you write?

Well I am a father of two, who also works a full time job as a civilian web master for the Marine Corps Reserve. Most of my writing happens between 7-11 p.m. That is when the kiddies are asleep and I can focus for more than five minutes at a time.

7. What’s next for you?
I wrote a novel—one that I finished in 2006—that needs to be revised and submitted. For some reason, I feel once I finish and submit it, I will be able to get back on the novel-writing horse again.


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Interview with Vanessa Hearne


1. Tell us about yourself.

I was born in England, where I grew up in huge and drafty old farm houses (one was part 16th century, part 17th century and part Victorian – and partly sinking into the marsh). These houses all had more than an occasional paranormal activity.

I eventually moved to California and while living in the Santa Cruz Mountains I bought a ranch with a portal through which ghostly visitors would drop by all the time. (This will be written about in book three!)
But it was not until I visited Hawaii, that a series of events occurred that made it mandatory to write about my experiences. During a session of meditation at the Kilauea crater I again experienced a visiting spirit. This time I was given a strong and clear message. I must write the ghost’s stories.

Now living in the high deserts of Arizona, I am an author and a commissioned artist. I am an Ordained Minister; with a degree in Metaphysical Psychology and working on my doctorate, this study is to assist me in my communication with spirits and higher beings, as well as to write to help people with their own communications and dreams. I am also a certified riding instructor, voted one of the top instructors in the US in 2009.

2. Tell us about your book and where it can be found.

The story is called The Black sand Beach, book one from the Paradise Saved series. Set in Hawaii in 2007, it follows the two opposing groups as they battle over the development of a black sand beach. Ancient burial grounds and historic ruins are the least of the items to be protected but the developers and the construction crew find it is not only the locals who are unfriendly, the land itself appears to rise up in protest.


Hawaii for the winter, accompanying her husband on a construction job, seemed like the most wonderful opportunity for Jess. That is until members of her husband’s crew started dying and she gets visits from a ghost with a vengeance. In order to save the man she loves, Jess turns to a new friend, Trudy, to find out why the beach seems to want to kill everyone. Then, finding out more than they bargained for, the two women realize the only way to leave alive and stay alive, is to appeal to the Mother of the island, the Volcano Goddess, Pele, and to stop their husbands from working on demolishing the goddess’s beach.


On the sandy shore, Pele stepped closer to the water’s edge. She had to take care approaching the water because a chance wave could hurt a fire elemental. Also, she remembered all too well the last time she tangled seriously with her sister; that time they had fought, Pele lost and gave up her mortal life.

“Sister,” Pele whispered to the ocean, “the destroyers are coming again for our last sacred heiu.” She leaned as close as she dared and held out her hands beseeching the ruler of the deep waters to help her. The sunshine glistened along the ripples of the water and sparkled through the empty waves with a joyful disregard to the goddess. Seabirds swooped splashing into the water with effortless grace, appearing moments later with a hapless fish, in blissful ignorance of the troubled immortal. Pele tried again to reach out to her sister, searching for the right words in her appeal.

“Let us join our powers once more and wash clean the mark of change with your magnificent waves. Let us restore our mother’s land and ensure that we alone keep hold of these shores. I feel a great danger drawing near again to our sacred world, my sister.”

Her tears fell hissing into the damp wave’s edge, blending smoking black pearls with the sparkling black sand grains.

She waited, fear and need battling within her, pulling her from the water and tugging her reluctant steps back in anticipation of a reply. The waves beckoned and approached but left empty and mocking without a sign that their ruler had heard the plea.

Pele’s sorrow quickly changed to anger at the lack of response.

Typical. As ever, her selfish sister chose to ignore Pele’s appeal.

“What was I thinking?” Pele stood there silently curling her hands into fists, her brows darkening as she glared with narrowed eyes at the frothy waves playing at her feet. She admonished herself for even trying to ask help from this empty body of water.

Pele’s anger grew, and the shore began to tremble beneath her feet.

As if prompted by the rebuke, out of sheer derision, the ocean responded with a tall crested wave. Pele gasped and staggered back from the edge as her dangerous, watery sister suddenly rose up high before her.

3. What age did you discover writing? What is your earliest work about?

I wrote in school and won awards, got into magazines all that sort of great stuff, but squandered my talents writing marketing copy for years. I had a job a teenager or geek would have killed to get, totally wasted on me, though – I tested Atari prototype games and wrote the copy for the instruction booklets. The marketing team loved my stories for the fantasy fight games, they really looked forward to the next installments! It was later, after my visit to Hawaii in 2007 that I sat down for 7 months and did not get up until I finished my first full length novel.

4. Who has inspired you as an author?

So many inspiring writers to choose from! One of my favorites is Terry Pratchett, a British fantasy author, very funny writer, very clever, too. Another is Thomas Hardy, spectacular stories that live within you forever. Barbara Erskine writes wonderful supernatural. J.K. Rowling for her amazing success with her Harry Potter books… then I also work with highly talented authors at Moongypsy Press, amazing inspiration there!

5. What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?

Since this is my debut book I can only tell you what the initial reviewers said. One reviewer said that it was a definite for a Robert Redford movie, it was so good. Others have said it reminded them so strongly of Hawaii, the Aloha came through, and the spirit of Hawaii. All of them said they wanted more!

6. Do you have a specific time or place that you write?

I have an office with a computer center, I have multiple screens for writing and researching at the same time, so I can have a lot of information up to help me research the facts of the areas and the people I write about. I write when I am inspired, and have a number of projects I work on at the same time – anytime between 5:00am to midnight. I take breaks to walk across the desert with my dogs – that’s when I get a lot of inspiration and sit back down to write it before I forget.

7. What’s next for you?

I am working on Sedona’s Sorrow, book two in the Paradise Saved series – it is going to kick some butt – Jess, the heroine in the series, uncovers cults, finds lost tribes and generally puts the world to right while saving her husband from near death and her friend Trudy from the dangerous Dihn Dohn Yoga cult.

See my web site: Vanessa’s Site for more details.


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Interview with Tabitha Shay


1. Tell us about yourself.

I’m the author of paranormal romances, Witch’s Brew, Witch’s Heart, Witch‘s Moon, and Witch’s Magic.

I’ve been a member of the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc., for four years. My books have been nominated for several awards, including the prestigious P.E.A.R.L. Award for Witch’s Moon that was nominated for Best All Around Paranormal in 2008.

Available now: Witch’s Fire: Moongypsy Press

All current releases available in print at Amazon.com

Print or E-format: http://www.moongypsypress.com
E-format: Fictionwise, Barnes and noble or http://www.eternalpress.ca
Web and blog site: http://www.tabithashay.com
Email: tabshay@gmail.com

2. Tell us about your book and where it can be found.

In a world where magic is dying―two people meet under unusual circumstances…
Realm of light―New to this witchy stuff, Kirrah Walker crashes her broom into a stranger and knocks him unconscious. Feeling guilty, she takes him home with her and nurses him back to health. However, she soon discovers a terrible secret―the stranger is on a mission to assassinate a witch. Now Kirrah must decide if she’ll set him free or keep him tied to the headboard of her bed…
World of darkness―Prince Stry, future King of Ru-Noc awakens to find he’s not only a captive, but captivated by the charming witch who flutters around him like a nervous butterfly. Her magick is wild and so out of control, he knows in his heart he should steal her soul, but kissing Kirrah is habit-forming.
Kirrah and Stry―magical beings who must face the fear of their past, acknowledge their future and trust in destiny in a world gone mad…

3. What age did you discover writing?
I was fifteen when the creative urge to write a book struck me…I have no clue where this sudden desire to write a novel came from and I had no idea what I was doing. (Laughs) But I put the words to paper and my first book in a very rough draft was born. What is your earliest work about? Oh, even back in those early days, I loved the western setting. Although today I prefer the contemporary western romance, back then, it was a real western, but still a romance titled The Guns of Big Red. Actually, series I’m working on now, the Angels of Deadwood Gulch is based on the original works of my first novel.

4. Who has inspired you as an author?
Linda Howard, Christine Feehan, and Elizabeth Lowell. I think I’ve read just about everything these ladies have written.

5. What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?
Oh, this is a good one…The most interesting question I’m asked about my books is: Where do you come up with your love scenes, are they based on the sexual relationship you have with your husband?…My answer?…I’m not telling…(Giggles)

6. Do you have a specific time or place that you write?
I like to write in the early hours of morning when the creative juices are flowing and it’s all quiet and peaceful. The phone hasn’t started to ring and the dogs aren’t waiting to be let outside every five minutes…Laughs.

7. What’s next for you?
I have a couple of new series in the works…As I mentioned, the Angels of Deadwood Gulch series and I have a brand new paranormal romance series, The Gray Mortuary series I’m just getting into. Plus, my agent is beating on the doors of some NY publishing houses. Wish me luck with this venture…And don’t forget, I also write contemporary western romances under the pen name, Jaydyn Chelcee. Those books can be found in print at Amazon and in E-format at Fictionwise and Barnes and Noble.


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