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Book Blurbs

Please join me on April 19, 2009 on Introducing WRITERS! for a book blurb show. I will be talking about books I am reading, upcoming guests and their works, and of course, reading blurbs from those submitted to me.

If you want a book blurb done for your work, you can email me at my published email to inquire about the next event.

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Katherine Center

by Katherine Center

by Katherine Center

Everyone once in a while a book comes along that changes your way of looking at books. This one is one of those. I do not recall enjoying a book more since discovering Elizabeth Berg’s works of art a few years ago.

Ms. Center’s book, Everyone is Beautiful, made me laugh, cry, and relive my own parenting of two kids back in the eighties. I think this is one every woman should read.

You can hear Katherine Center talk about Everyone is Beautiful on my radio show, Introducing WRITERS! on Friday, March 13, 2009 at 730 PM central, 830 pm eastern. I hope you will tune in and find out more about this wonderful writer and this awesome book!


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