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Dr. Ronald Frederick, author of Living Like You Mean It

by Ronald Frederick

by Ronald Frederick

My name is Dr. Ron Frederick. I’m actually not a writer by trade. I’m a psychologist who, among a number of things, also writes. Over the years I’ve written a number of journal articles and book chapters, but Living Like You Mean It: Use the Wisdom and Power of Your Emotions to Get the Life You Really Want is my first book. Based on cutting-edge science, it shares my proven four-step approach to overcoming fear and becoming more emotionally present in one’s life and relationships.

I was inspired to write Living Like You Mean It by my own life-changing experience. I was in my early thirties, had just finished my doctoral studies, and despite having everything going for me, I hit a wall. I was in relationship I frequently questioned and found myself filled with trepidation and fear about moving forward. I ended up in therapy and discovered, rather surprisingly, that the anxiety I was experiencing at the time had so much to do with being uncomfortable with what I really felt deep down inside. I had become so afraid of my emotions, of listening to and trusting my true feelings, that I couldn’t hear the voice of my deepest self buried somewhere inside me—the voice that knew what I wanted, knew what I longed for, knew what felt right to me and what felt wrong. I might have gone on doubting myself forever had I not gotten the help I needed to recognize what, in fact, I really was afraid of and to learn how to overcome my fears, accept and embrace my emotional self, and really connect with others. In short, it changed my life. My anxiety decreased, I stopped doubting myself and felt much more confident and in touch with my personal truth. I found it much easier to be emotionally present and felt closer to the people in my life. Ultimately, I found the courage to listen to and trust my heart and move forward, to leave the relationship I was in, and to realize the kind of relationship and life I had dreamed of having.

When you have an experience like that, when your life is changed in such a dramatic way, you want to spread the good stuff around. The more people I’ve been able to help, and the more I witness the dramatic changes that can take place when we develop the ability to be with and share our feelings, the more I have felt compelled to spread the word. I guess you can say that it’s become a mission for me: to help people to wake up to their feelings and get the lives they really want. I wrote this book to show people how to do just that.
It was a hard road though—from inception to publication—with a lot of challenges along the way. Getting a book published has so much to do with being tenacious. For me, it was four years from start to finish. I’m so glad that I persevered despite all the rejection, all the hurdles, all the down times. That I reached out to others for help and that I stuck with it as long as I did. I can hardly believe it sometimes when I’m holding the book in my hands that it’s actually come to fruition. It’s been quite a ride. So, don’t despair. Hang in there and keep at it!

You can find out more about me and my new book at: http://www.livinglikeyoumeanit.com.

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Sheri Kay Hoff

by Sheri Kay Hoff

by Sheri Kay Hoff

Sheri will be on my radio show on March 4, 2009 at 730 pm CST 830 pm EST and I hope you will join us! You can even call in and ask her questions. Introducing WRITERS!
Sheri’s book, Keys to Living Joyfully, has every nuance of what you will ever need to get the most out of life and turn it around to make life worth every moment of living.

In her book she shows:

Discover how to live a truly Joyful Life.
Tap into your potential.
Remove your self imposed roadblocks to success.
Expand your vision for your life.
Live a prosperous and abundant life.
Learn how to live worry free and stress free.
Increase creativity and performance

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